Surgery for Roxy the Cat


Cat Rescue Christchurch (CRC) is an independent charitable trust that focuses on reducing stray cat populations by neutering, and finding homes to adopt strays.

The organisation uses social media to raise awareness and Givealittle to raise funds for individual cats needing surgery or other treatment.

Roxy was one such cat.  Weighing only 2kg, Roxy had ongoing gut issues but it was also discovered she had a rare condition called gingival hyperplasia – thickening and inflammation of the gums. Roxy was in pain and having trouble eating.

Vets performed surgery to remove some of the gum from Roxy’s jaws. She recovered well and thanks to the procedure is now able to eat normally.

CRC turned to Facebook and Givealittle to appeal for help to cover the $700 cost of the procedure.

Givealittle is a vital fundraising channel for groups like Cat Rescue Christchurch, generating over $10,000 in donations so far for stray cats needing care.

Danielle from Cat Rescue Christchurch and Hans from SAFE share their stories:




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