A Bigger Gift of love for Ren


I’ve been so inspired by the awesome Bigger Gift causes that people have created on Givealittle that I’ve created my own Bigger Gift to help someone who gives me so much!

Ren is my acting teacher and  he dedicates so much of his own time, love and energy to helping others realise their dreams. Time spent in Ren’s classes has given people hope, support and inspiration.

I know that my fellow students would love to give him something much better than a box of chocolates too.   I created a Bigger Gift cause page for Ren, posted it on our class Facebook page and the response has been great!

We aim to raise $500 to give Ren a well-deserved break away to spend time with his family.  At this point it looks like we might even pass our goal with our ideas for his holiday destination becoming more ambitious!

It feels really good to be able to do this for Ren and the feedback from my classmates is fantastic too with comments like ‘”Awesome idea!” and  “Let’s do this!”

And, it is really easy.  So what is your Bigger Gift going to be?

Create a page today and email me at sophie@givealittle.co.nz with your page link and maybe I’ll talk about your cause in my next video update!




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