A Second Ear for Lucy


Six-year old Lucy McKenzie-Bridle was born deaf, with severe hearing loss in both ears. She received a cochlear implant a couple of years ago but that implant has failed and she will soon undergo surgery to have it replaced.

Lucy has also experienced a few periods of complete hearing loss in her other ear. Her parents are trying to raise funds for a second implant to help her to hear well and learn at school.

“We accepted that at a later stage Lucy might identify with the Deaf community and possibly embrace her deafness but we decided we wanted to give her the opportunity to choose. And this meant getting her a cochlear implant.”

Lucy’s family are well on the way to reaching their goal of $30,000 with nearly $8,000 raised on their Givealittle cause page at the time of writing.

You can find out more about Lucy at the Cochlear Implants in New Zealand website or help give her a truly Bigger Gift at her Givealittle page.

And, why not create your own Bigger Gift page to help someone you love!



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