Kids Causes

They might be young in years but these kids are already changing the world

8 months ago | By: Georgia Moselen-Sloog

Ella’s smile

Ella Benn’s had a hard few months, but her smile is as bright as ever.

In October of last year, the ten-year-old Rolleston girl had been training hard for a…

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7 months ago |By: Georgia Moselen-Sloog

On his own two feet

Charlie McLaren doesn’t ask for much. All the nine-year-old wants is to…Read more

5 months ago |By: Georgia Moselen-Sloog

Matteo’s new heights

Matteo Gray’s new walker has changed his life in a way his…Read more

7 months ago |By: Georgia Moselen-Sloog

Surgery soon!

Seeing as he’s only seven years old, you might have thought of…Read more

6 months ago |By: Georgia Moselen-Sloog

Starting them young!

A group of Lower Hutt kids are learning some life lessons with…Read more

8 months ago |By: Georgia Moselen-Sloog

Making memories

Louis Corbett is going blind. Two of his siblings suffer from the…Read more

9 months ago |By: Georgia Moselen-Sloog

Toby’s big trip

Toby Dale is three years old, but he wears pants that are…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

Dougie’s Big Adventures

Eleven year old Dougal (Dougie) Colquhoun is quite an action boy. He’s…Read more

12 months ago |By: Lakshmi Muthaiah

Christmas Banquet

Thousands of Kiwi kids go to school every day with empty tummies.…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Kaiapoi Borough School making a difference

Kaiapoi Borough School has been hard out raising money for Camp Quality,…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

Spa pool for Awhi Paul

Cameraman Murray Job met the Paul family when filming a story about…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

Support Analise and others with Tourette’s

Analise  is a nine-year-old Christchurch girl with Tourette syndrome. Tourette’s is a…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Getting low income kids to the festival

The team at Capital E believes that art should be accessible to…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

Young Kiwis aim for gold at Kyoto iGeo Olympiad

At the end of July, the Japanese city of Tokyo will host…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

Black Star Molly’s LA adventure

Hastings teenager Molly Nilsson has been working hard at making her dream…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

It’s Jaden’s turn

Jaden Movold is a standout kid who continually inspires others with his…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Santana swims her way to Deaflympics

Promising swimmer Santana Chapman was born profoundly deaf in both ears. She…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Max’s epic shave for cancer

When Max O’Brien’s neighbour John shaved his head to raise funds for…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Hastings School to rebuild Fijian School

Hastings Intermediate has a sister school relationship with Namara school on Wayalailai…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Glenview Jets – Champions Cup Fundraiser

Having completed a successful season in their local league, the Glenview United…Read more

2 years ago |By: Lee

Wellington Tornadoes shirt sponsorship

Wellington’s youth football team the Tornadoes offer their players the opportunity of…Read more

2 years ago |By: Lee

Maycie Cooper’s Birthday Fundraiser

For most six-year olds, planning their birthday party is very much an…Read more

2 years ago |By: Lee

Young Enterprise Trust

The Young Enterprise Trust aims to make a difference to individuals and…Read more

2 years ago |By: Lee

Myer Crane: Footballer

When 12-year old Auckland football star Myer Crane was offered a chance…Read more