Charity Champions

Shaving heads, wearing PJs to work, running marathons –
Charity Champions take up all sorts of challenges for good causes

1 year ago | By: Lee Hales

31Ks for 31 days

In 2006 Kelly Shrimpton’s partner, Nick Bolton, was diagnosed with lymphoma and died just one month later. Nick was 31.

Now Kelly, a keen mountain biker from Rotorua, is honouring…

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10 months ago |By: Lee Hales

Walking raises big bucks for low decile schools

The Head to Head walk is a 125km team relay walk raising…Read more

1 year ago |By: Eden Radford

Chickshaw Blues

For Tracee Knowler, the reality of crime and its consequences are all…Read more

8 months ago |By: Eden

SUP for Harrison

A team of people have recently completed a magnanimous feat  – stand…Read more

10 months ago |By: Lakshmi Muthaiah

Running for Outward Bound

When Laurie Winter completed an Outward Bound course in March 2013 it…Read more

11 months ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Telecom’s Team Tigerblood

You may think cycling 96km is the last thing you’d want to…Read more

11 months ago |By: Lee Hales

Kaiapoi Borough School making a difference

Kaiapoi Borough School has been hard out raising money for Camp Quality,…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Len’s giant jump for gifted kids

It may sound a little strange, but gifted kids face significant challenges…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

Terrier race against time

In 2006, Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was encouraged by…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

11 week minimum wage challenge

If you’re a regular on Givealittle, you may remember Kate who earlier…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

Supporting kids who lost their mum

Jenny Shires first met Paula through her acupuncture practice. But it was…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

My 20/20 Challenge

For the last two and a half years Anastasia Papadakis has been…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lakshmi

Cycling for Menzies College

Megan Corry and Brad Lamb now live in Perth, Western Australia. But…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Max’s epic shave for cancer

When Max O’Brien’s neighbour John shaved his head to raise funds for…Read more

1 year ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Erasing that line between Genius and Insanity

What do you do once you’ve completed a challenge so grueling you can barely…Read more

1 year ago |By: Courtney Bennett

10k for 10k | Swimming for a Cause!

Telecom Foundation People’s Champion, Ben Richmond, is on a mission to educate…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Hospital Emergency Survival Kits

Often the diagnosis of a serious illness in a child starts with…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

A Week in a Wheelchair

Kate Roper’s cousin Kane has  (MS). MS has ravaged Kane’s body, taking…Read more

1 year ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Bad suits for CanTeen

Telecom man Ryan Castle proved he will do almost anything when it…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Doing good whilst doing business

When Sam Kuruppuge started CeyloNz Tea in Hamilton in 2012 he looked…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Running 720km for Auckland Neonatal Trust

When Elaine Webb’s son Alex was born at 33 weeks weighing just…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Peter the Christmas Elf

Telecom people get one paid volunteer day every year to support a…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Movember Telecom Team

When the Telecom Network Team does Movember they don’t do it by…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Ben and Red’s Long Ride South

Biking the length of New Zealand to raise money for charity might…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Running 63km for Alzheimers

For Claire Huxley running the 2012 Adidas Auckland Marathon in support of…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

New Zealand Uphill

Sick of all the doom and gloom recession talk in 2009, Vaughan…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Get Grubby for Bellyful

Bellyful is a not-for-profit organisation helping mums around New Zealand when they…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Ride for Hagar

Learning that there are more people in slavery now than in any…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Project BeneFIT

CrossFit is an exercise craze sweeping the globe, with hordes of converts…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Vince rides for cancer

People do some crazy things to raise money for causes they believe…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Andrew Leckie’s Fight for Christchurch

Air New Zealand employee by day, champion fighter by night – Andrew…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Parachute Studios: The Neverending

Parachute Music helps Christian musicians to shift popular culture by bringing positive…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Longboarding through South America

In November 2011 three young and adventurous Kiwis embarked on a five…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Sisters in Arms – Nathan Blackler Memorial Challenge

Sergeant Nathan Blackler was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2000. As he…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

One Million Metre Rowing Challenge

While most six year-olds are outside tearing up the playground, Jess Hermansen…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

The Snow Cave Project

Queenstown adventure sport junky Blair Whitaker is spending a month in a…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Burpee for Breasts

Burpees – that peculiar and exhausting exercise where you spring from lying…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Hard Yards for CatWalk

Gen-i Chief Executive Chris Quin along with two other Gen-i leaders, Jo…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Fight for Christchurch

In November 2011 a who’s who of Christchurch business leaders, politicians and…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Relay for Life

The Cancer Society’s Relay for Life celebrated its 10th anniversary in April…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Rickshaw Relief

Nine intrepid Kiwis in rickety 150cc rickshaws raced across 4500km of unpredictable…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Knock the Bastard Off

Kiwi Glen Marvin was so struck by the great work done by…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

The Bell Gully Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

In the wake of the devastating Christchurch earthquake New Zealanders sprang into…Read more