Telecom People

Every single day a Telecom team member steps up for a cause they care about

5 months ago | By: Courtney Bennett

Leonie’s fundraising mission

Leonie Collins is a Telecom person on a mission.  One of her family members, Tyler, desperately needs surgery and his family needs to raise over $62,500 to fund his…

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4 months ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Christmas Tree Festival For Cystic Fibrosis

The Cystic Fibrosis Tree Festival begins soon in Wellington and Telecom’s Diane…Read more

6 months ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Telecom’s Team Tigerblood

You may think cycling 96km is the last thing you’d want to…Read more

8 months ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Garth’s going fishing

Meet Garth Plank. During the week he’s a Technical Lead in Telecom Connect…Read more

11 months ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Mike Roigard Ironman

Telecom’s resident Ironman a.k.a. Mike Roigard will be leaving shortly for his next…Read more

1 year ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Erasing that line between Genius and Insanity

What do you do once you’ve completed a challenge so grueling you can barely…Read more

1 year ago |By: Courtney Bennett

10k for 10k | Swimming for a Cause!

Telecom Foundation People’s Champion, Ben Richmond, is on a mission to educate…Read more

1 year ago |By: Courtney Bennett

Bad suits for CanTeen

Telecom man Ryan Castle proved he will do almost anything when it…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Peter the Christmas Elf

Telecom people get one paid volunteer day every year to support a…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee Hales

Movember Telecom Team

When the Telecom Network Team does Movember they don’t do it by…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Uncle Rich helps Logan

Telecom employees get one paid volunteer day a year when they can…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Marie Mackey Recovery

Marie Mackey sustained severe injuries, including a spinal break, in the February…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Back to School

Telecom staff started 2012 by going back to school. In a text-book…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Grant’s wish

Diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and given up to a year to…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Hard Yards for CatWalk

Gen-i Chief Executive Chris Quin along with two other Gen-i leaders, Jo…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Fighting for Cure Kids

As the father of two young children, David Browne of Gen-i had…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Warm Fuzzies

The 2012 Telecom Knit In generated a horde of cosy woollies for…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

See Red (noses)

Telecom staff got into the spirit of Red Nose Day in a…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Luau for Loud Shirt Day

Telecom teams got right behind Loud Shirt Day, committing a range of…Read more

1 year ago |By: Lee

Golf for it!

Telecom’s dynamic charity golfing duo ‘Simon and Cam’ have been on a…Read more